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Cynthia Panacci

Cynthia Panacci





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Lorenzo Luciano:

Lorenzo Luciano

“After training for a few years, I realized I needed a trainer if I wanted to take my workouts to the next level. Kevin was the perfect fit for this task; his experience and knowledge are unsurpassed in the personal training industry. Immediately, the intensity of my workouts increased tremendously, and I noticed improvements in my body, energy level and well being as I progressed through Kevin’s well thought out training and nutritional plans. Kevin was able to cater the plans to my needs and not only give me a generic program. He took my physique, experience, energy level, and time into consideration when developing a personal plan for me.

All of this gave me the motivation and inspiration to compete in my first bodybuilding contest. I spoke with Kevin about the idea, and he thought it would be great to test myself to the higher level of competition. With his help and guidance, I was able to get through the tough competition training and nutritional program. The whole process was a great personal experience and journey which I will forever take pride in.

Thank-you Kevin for making it all possible!



Annie Maurice:

“I have been trained by Kevin for more than 2 years now and couldn’t ask for more from a personal trainer. He is very knowledgeable and creative in his approach, making sure to keep you motivated. I strongly recommend Kevin to anyone who wishes to train seriously and obtain convincing results.”


Genevieve Doyon:

“I hired Kevin as my personal trainer in July 2010. I needed to get back in the game but, for some reason, I lacked discipline. Well Kevin was the “kick in the butt” I needed. He made it hard but he made it fun, he showed me I could do anything if I put my mind to it and the variety and challenge of each workout made me want to surpass myself each and every time. I HIGHLY recommend him. :)”


Nancy Creo:

“Kevin is an extremely professional, knowledgeable and reliable personal trainer! Not only does he make sure you reach the results you want but he is very creative in the types of exercises he gives you. With Kevin, you work hard and learn new techniques at every session! I loved training with him and was able to get amazing results. Therefore, I would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to lose weight, tone or bulk up!”


Benjamin J. de la Durantaye:

“Kevin is always very personable and skilled. He is always able to schedule and design our sessions based on my needs and personality. From the start, he knew what would work with me and what wouldn’t and always made me very comfortable. Results were soon to follow.”


Ron Stangherlin:

“Having worked with Kevin for the last 20 years, I can honestly say that you will not find a trainer/coach who is more dedicated that Kevin. Unlike most trainers, Kevin listens to what his client needs and works with you to achieve your goals. Kevin’s professionalism is excellent and he never seems to amaze his client with his deep desire to always be on the cutting edge of training philosophies and techniques. Kevin mixes old school and new training techniques that always leave you feeling great after your workout. He is an asset to whoever works with him, you will definitely achieve your fitness goals with Coach Kev. Thanks for all your support Kevin. see you soon for my updated programs.”


Zaven Kojakian:

“I would definitely recommend Kevin from Simply Fit Canada. Not only does he work around my busy schedule but he also keeps me motivated during every workout. He brings new innovative training techniques that keep you wanting more. He has helped me achieve my objectives on more than one occasion, one being my wedding last year! Thanks Kev and Keep up the good work.”


Danielle Dahan:

“Cela faisait plusieurs années que je m’entraînais seule tant bien que mal quand on m’a présenté Kevin. Je trouvais de plus en plus difficile de me motiver pour me rendre au gym, et je suivais de plus en plus souvent les collègues au resto, le midi, plutôt que de prendre la direction du gym.

Des amis m’ont alors conseillé de prendre un entraîneur personnel, et quand  Kevin a entrepris de me refaire une forme physique et une silhouette, je n’avais plus le choix que de l’écouter. Il était tellement sérieux et désireux de parvenir à des résultats que je n’ai pas pu faire autrement que de suivre ses instructions. Programmes sur mesure, conseils nutritionnels, séances de motivation, disponibilité et flexibilité, conseils pertinents, etc. Le tout dans la bonne humeur, le rire, la détente. Les résultats n’ont pas tardé à se faire sentir…”

“Kevin connaît son affaire et c’est en plus un homme charmant, respectueux et drôle.

Son désir constant de s’améliorer le garde à la fine pointe des différentes techniques d’entraînement. De plus, en ajoutant le massage à ses autres talents, il est sans conteste un entraîneur de rêve !


Janie Lamontagne:

“Je m’entraîne depuis plusieurs années et je désirais améliorer mes performances, renforcer mes faiblesses et éviter les blessures. Après plusieurs mois de recherche, j’ai découvert Simply Fit Canada. Ce qui m’a convaicu? Il suffit de voir kevin effectuer un entraînement avec un client pour constater l’ethique de travail rigoureuse et l’engagement complet dont il fait preuve. J’ai touvé une personne ressource qui prend vraiment le temps d’écouter et de répondre à mes questions.”

“Mes plan d’entraînements sont construits selon mes besoins, que ce soit de pouvoir faire les plans à la maison ou de les effectuer dans une periode de temps limitée… et les résultats sont toujours au rendez-vous! Ma condition physique n’a jamais été aussi bonne et les entraînements, bien que parfois exigeants, n’ont jamais étés aussi stimulants.”




Dan Waldston (Certified Massage Therapist):

“It has been my pleasure to have taught Kevin in my Holistic Therapeutic Massage course, which is now coming to its end.

Throughout the year, he has contributed to the numerous classes with insight and knowledge from his fitness background making the learning experience richer and more pertinent.  Kevin showed an eager attitude to be the best he can be when it comes to the needs of his clientele.  Adding therapeutic massage to his list of offerings will undoubtedly be of great benefit to those who chose to work with Kevin for better and continued health.

Good luck in your endeavours Kevin and don’t hesitate to consult with me as the need arises.


Linda Leblanc:

“J’ai eu la chance de connaitre Kevin comme entraineur pendant quelques mois et je peut vous assurer que vos progrès seront rapidement visibles.  C’est un motivateur hors-pair et un entraineur très qualifié qui sait ce qu’il vous faut.  Je le recommande à tous!”


Audra Yearwood:

“I love training with Kevin! On several occasions he’s provided me with a personalized and challenging training program. Kevin is very knowledgeable and is always ready to share his expertise. All this said, one of the things I enjoy the most about working with Kevin is his personality. Even though our training sessions are always about “business” he makes it very enjoyable. I would train with Kevin again in a heartbeat!”


Katherine Begg:

“Kevin took away my fears. The results were measurable; I became in shape, stronger, slimmer and able to trust my body. My balance drastically improved – he really worked on that – and I felt years younger. He is also a great comic, and keeps the sessions entertaining. Never late! I would highly recommend Kevin as a personal trainer.”


Ashley Matheson:

“I cannot express how VERY fortunate I have been to train with Kevin over the past 3 years. The amount of precise knowledge in the field of bodybuilding is very evident in the way he trains his clients. What I personally needed and loved was the fact that he took each and every session very seriously. I wasn’t just another ‘client’ whom he had to get through the regime with and then ‘on to the next’. Kevin truly takes seriously what he does and therefore, I did too.

The knowledge gained by working out with him I still have with me and use in my workouts down to this day. Training with Simply Fit Canada is worth every single penny. I ask that anyone interested in being trained, and being trained RIGHT- to contact Mr. Frost himself.”


Stephanie Bedasse, CCMEP:

“Kevin is an amazing personal trainer. He is passionate about his field and is an excellent motivator. Kevin takes the time to learn you as a client and readily adapts training to suit your individual needs. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve long term results in a positive and supportive environment.”


Janelle Jordan:

“As thoroughly evidenced from all of these great testimonials, it is without a doubt that Coach Kevin is an amazing personal trainer who is not only always expanding his already impressive body of professional knowledge and skills, but who is also a great motivator — and entertainer — throughout his clients’ sessions.


However, what must be remarked is that, as impressive as his strength training and sports nutrition expertise is, also is his empathetic approach to achieving client service excellence. Kevin’s commitment in consistently delivering upon his promises and his unwavering flexibility in order to place client needs’ above his own, are definitive qualities that has proven to attract both new and repeat clientele to Simply Fit Canada.”